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Christian Formation

St. Michael’s School

Please visit St. Michael's School website for more information.

St. Michael’s PREP  (CCD)

A program of religious education (gr. K-7) for children not enrolled in Catholic School. Please contact CCD Coordinator for more information.

Adult Catechism (RCIA)

A course in the basics of the Catholic Faith, designed for non-Catholics seeking Baptism (RCIA)
or entry into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church, as well as for Catholics wishing to
renew their knowledge of the Catholic Faith.

Youth Group

A program of continuing religious formation for young people of high school age.  There is a
component of ongoing education through study and discussion, one of social outreach to the
community through participation in parish activities, fundraising for the needy, and contributing
to the parish Liturgy, as well as a component of wholesome fun.